P4C in schools monthly meeting 2023/3

●Date: 2023.3.25.(Sat.)15:00-16:30

●Place: Zoom

●Recruitment: educators, teachers, students aiming to beccome teachers

●【Content】”I tried a philosophical dialogue at my first school”
At the elementary school where I was assigned as a beginning teacher, I conduct moral education classesthat incorporate philosophical dialogue. I will talk about my encounter with P4C, the changes in the classroom that I felt in my practice with children as a teacher, and my current concerns. I would like to have a dialogue with those who are thinking of introducing philosophical dialogue from the new school year and those who are already practicing it. I am looking forward to your participation.

●Presenter: Moeko Maruno, Hiratsuka City Public Elementary School Teacher


●Deadline: 12:00 on Saturday, March 25th.

  • Contact: masugata@hotmail.com