What “p4c in shools KANSAI” is and what we do?

We also have our facebook, P4C in schools KANSAI-JAPAN. Please refer to it.


P4C in schools KANSAI-JAPAN (hereinafter collectively called P4C KANSAI) is a group of those who introduce and practice P4C (Philosophy for Children) mainly in schools.

The original site, p4c-japan (while ‘P4C’ is a general expression of Philosophy for Children, the expression ‘p4c’ is used in the University of Hawaii) is also established mainly by school teachers, but its spheres of activities have been gradually expanded to p4e(philosophy for everyone).

As such, some members rediscover p4c-japan’s original intentions and want to reestablish a new group that mainly focuses on the activities or the introductions of P4C in schools; that is P4C KANSAI. P4C KANSAI is the group in which the members will discuss such as class development and improvement with P4C. P4C KANSAI would like to share each other’s thoughts on pupils, classes and schools both in Japan and other countries.

P4C KANSAI is not a quite new group but overlaps with p4c-japan in many ways. Based on this fact, P4C KANSAI opens its website in P4C in schools under p4c-japan. Please refer to the websites in p4c in community as for the activities in other regions than schools. With regard to ‘P4C in schools,’ we have many other web sites than those web sites on the top page of p4c-japan. We make some examples as follows: